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Feed Your Baby In The Dark

Posted by: Andrew on April 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

If you’re not feeding your baby in a darkened room at night, you are missing a really easy way to encourage your baby to sleep.

There’s not much to this baby sleep tip, but I am always surprised at how many people tell me that they feed their baby with all of the lights on - even during the nighttime.  Think of it this way, what would happen to you if someone turned on all the lights in your bedroom in the middle of the night?  Do you think it would be easy to fall asleep again?  Not at all.  Well, babies are no different.  Our brains are wired so that when our eyes see light, we are programmed to think it is day and so our brain starts waking us up.  Same with babies.

So, if you’re feeding your baby at night in a bright room (or even a half-bright room), stop it!  I need you to run out as fast as you can to buy as dimmer or a nightlight as you can.  Just as long as you can still see well enough to feed your baby, you’ll be fine, but you don’t want it any brighter.  Even better than a nightlight, if you’re not on a budget, is a dimmer switch so you can use your existing lights, but a nightlight would also work just fine.

So, turn those lights down low, and watch how your baby sleeps better.

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab

About the Author:

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab is a father, web developer, and one of the founding members of Pediasleep, a leader in the production of white noise and other soothing sounds to aid the healthy sleep of infants, cosleepers, and parents. Having successfully survived his daughter and son's early sleep problems with the help of white noise, he is also an expert on infant sleep problems and their solutions.

Pediasleep can be found online at


Picture of Loraine

This is a good idea.  I’m going to try it tonight when my baby sleeps.  Thanks!


Picture of Andrew

Loraine, how’d it go?  I hope the feeding was easy, and your baby didn’t wake up as much.  Let us know if you can.


Picture of Loraine

This baby sleep tip really worked.  I tried feeding my baby in the dark and he basically ate in his sleep and then didn’t fuss at all when I put him back in the crib.  Thanks for a great idea!

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