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Skip The Burp!

Posted by: Andrew on August 02, 2011 | 3 Comments

If you have a baby that takes a long time to burp after feeding, this baby sleep tip could be perfect for you.

Most people think that every time their baby feeds, they have to burp them before they can be comfortable.  However, many babies can be perfectly comfortable without a burp - if they don’t take in much air when feeding.  That last part is the key to this baby sleep tip.

At night, because babies are often less vigorous about nursing, they frequently take in less air than during daytime feedings.  This is true whether you are breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding.  If this is true for your baby, then you can often get away with not burping them at night because there is much less air in their belly to make them uncomfortable.  So, rather than going through the same long, drawn-out burping routine that you do during the day (which probably wakes your baby up), skipping the burp at nighttime feedings can keep them in a relaxed mood and ready to go to sleep as soon as the feeding is over.

This may not be true for all babies, because some babies seem to take in as much air at night as during the day, and these babies will probably need a burp after any feeding - night or day.  So, be sure to experiment with your baby to see if this works with them or not before making this part of your routine.

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab

About the Author:

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab is a father, web developer, and one of the founding members of Pediasleep, a leader in the production of white noise and other soothing sounds to aid the healthy sleep of infants, cosleepers, and parents. Having successfully survived his daughter and son's early sleep problems with the help of white noise, he is also an expert on infant sleep problems and their solutions.

Pediasleep can be found online at


Picture of Alejandra

Wow!  I never thought of this, but it’s right that whenever I burp my baby, he wakes up way more than when he’s just eating, but then it takes longer to get him relaxed and back to sleep.  I bet he doesn’t need to burp and if I put him right in the crib after eating, he’d go right back to sleep with no problem.  Thanks for the idea!


Picture of Andrew

I am almost certain that this will work for you. Please let us know how it goes! Best of luck.


Picture of Alejandra

Since I stopped burping my baby, it has been so much easier getting him back to sleep in the middle of the night.  Thanks!

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