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White Noise Can Help Your Baby Sleep

Posted by: Andrew on February 14, 2010 | 7 Comments

Imagine it’s 2:00 in the morning. Your baby hasn’t been asleep since sometime earlier in the day. S/he is beyond tired. You are beyond tired. Alone with your fussy baby in the darkness, you feel like you must be the only soul on Earth who is still awake at this hour. But what to do???

You’ve tried rocking. You’ve tried singing. You’ve even tried letting your baby cry it out. You’ve cuddled, swaddled, bounced, fed, burped, and walked your baby until both of you are exhausted - except your baby isn’t sleeping.

I bet you’ve been there, at least once... I sure have. I can still remember the feeling of total helplessness! At that point, I remember thinking that I would try anything if it would only help my baby sleep.

If this describes you, I recommend that you try Pediasleep White Noise. For less than the cost of a meal out, you can download soothing MP3 files the instant you need them, with the confidence of knowing that everything is 100% guaranteed to help your fussy baby fall asleep.

Research has shown that babies are instinctively soothed by white noise, because it is similar to the sounds that they hear in the womb before they were born. This makes sense because in the womb, babies are exposed to the constant sounds of blood flowing through the placenta and the mother’s gentle breathing. Experts have suggested that these sounds are even louder than the sound of a vacuum cleaner. So it's no wonder that babies have a hard time sleeping in perfect silence - it’s like taking someone who is used to sleeping in the heart of New York City, and suddenly dropping them into the perfect quiet of a desert island. The silence would be unnerving.

Pediasleep sells ten different soothing sounds, each guaranteed to help fussy babies relax and fall asleep. I recommend to people that they first try the Pediasleep - Baby Sleep Sampler first because it is a collection of all ten of our most effective soothing sounds for babies, so you can see which sounds are most effective with your baby. Once you know what works best, you just need to play these sounds in the background while your baby is sleeping and they will be instinctively soothed and calmed into a deep sleep. For many people, the Pediasleep - Baby Sleep Sampler bundle is all they ever need.

Once you learn which sounds your baby finds most calming, you can buy just those sounds in extended-length 74-minute tracks that need minimal repeating to play during naps or all night, or the super-long playing 12-hour tracks that can play all-night long from any MP3 player without needing to repeat once! Most babies sleep longer at a time when they listen to our extended-length sounds because the sound has to repeat less often, which means that your baby is less likely to be startled awake by the sound repeating and starting over.

Plus, whether it’s 2:00 in the morning, or 2:00 in the afternoon, our downloadable MP3 sounds are available for purchase 24 hours a day.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our baby white noise today! You won’t regret it.

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab
Pediasleep LLC

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Picture of Amie

Thanks to Pediasleep white noise MP3s, my baby went from being a horrible sleeper to a great sleeper these days.  I tell everyone I meet about white noise, and Pediasleep white noise in particular.  I am so thankful to have found your website and thankful that my baby’s doctor recommended I look for white noise.  I think she is even recommending Pediasleep now that I told her about you guys!  Thanks again for helping my baby sleep better.


Picture of jill

I agree!  Pediasleep white noise is the best!  Thanks for making such an easy way to help babies sleep.  My baby sleeps so well since we discovered Pediasleep white noise.


Picture of Andrew

Thanks for the kind words!  I also believe that Pediasleep white noise is the best… but I’m a bit biased, I think.


Picture of jill

You’re probably a little biased, yes.  But I’m not, and it’s true.  Pediasleep white noise IS the best!


Picture of Annie

The sound of hair dryer puts my 8 week old to sleep in a minute but he wakes up as soon as it is turned off.  My concern is the constant noise will hurt my baby and he becomes too dependent to white noise.


Picture of Andrew

Hello Annie, and welcome.

I completely understand your concerns that white noise could be harmful to your baby, and that he might become dependent on it.  This is a question that we hear a lot - but one that has some easy answers.

First, there is no evidence that white noise can be even remotely harmful to a baby, as long as you are playing it at a reasonable volume.  Using white noise to help babies sleep has been recommended by doctors and baby sleep experts for decades.  Millions of parents use white noise to help their babies sleep with no documented health problems that are linked to its use.  To be prudent, I always encourage anyone who is concerned to check with your baby’s pediatrician first, but I am confident that your baby’s doctor will not have any problems with using white noise to help your baby sleep.

Finally, it is very unlikely that your baby will become dependent on white noise.  It is true that white noise will help most babies sleep better, and as such, when you stop using it, there is the possibility that they will not sleep as well as when you play it for them - but as soon as your baby becomes a good sleeper by his or herself and you are ready to stop using white noise, it is easy to phase out white noise by playing it at a softer and softer volume each night until it is so quiet that you can just stop playing it altogether.  The bottom line is that you are completely in control and can choose how and when you want to use white noise for your baby.

My personal belief is that if white noise helps your baby sleep better, it’s well worth using.  It’s all-natural, instinctively soothing and calming, and it helps babies feel safe and sleep better at night.  As a parent, I was always happier and better rested when my baby was sleeping well, and my baby was also happier and more pleasant.  So, for me, using white noise to help my babies sleep was an easy choice. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to run a real hair dryer all night long in your babies nursery - since the heat would be dangerous and it would use a crazy amount of electricity.  If you decide to use white noise, I suggest listening to our Hair Dryer album’s free online sample ( and giving it a try with your baby.

Best of luck, and please feel free to let us know how it goes and what you decide!


Picture of Farber@WhiteNoiseMachines

We had pretty good results getting our youngest to sleep using white noise. We mixed up a version of our own with rain and waves too

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