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Pediasleep has delivered over 100,000 soothing sounds to families around the world.
Our white noise has helped countless parents and babies sleep better.

Baby Sleep Sampler

The Baby Sleep Sampler contains our 10 most popular soundscapes so you can discover what is most effective at helping your baby relax and fall asleep.  Each soundscape can be played for 15 minutes and repeated if needed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

What our customers say…
“The Baby Sleep Sampler helped me learn what sounds help my baby sleep the best.  I highly recommend it for any new parent.”


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This Bundle Includes

Clothes Dryer (15 Minutes)

The soft hum and rhythmic tumble of the clothes dryer will have your little one asleep in no time...

Electric Fan (15 Minutes)

Help your little one relax and sleep to the gentle hum and comforting soundscape of an electric fan...

Hair Dryer (15 Minutes)

Put any fussy baby at ease with the surprisingly soothing soundscape of a hair dryer...

Vacuum Cleaner (15 Minutes)

Help your baby sleep with the remarkably soothing hum of a vacuum cleaner...

White Noise for Babies (15 Minutes)

Create a feeling of calm and comfort that can help everyone sleep better with highly effective white noise...

Ocean Surf with Womb (15 Minutes)

Help everyone sleep better with the relaxing sound of the ocean mixed with the soothing sound of the womb...

Relaxing River with Womb (15 Minutes)

The sound of a river, combined with the calming sounds of the womb, can soothe even the fussiest of babies...

Running Water (15 Minutes)

Help everyone in your home sleep easier with the relaxing sounds of running water...

Steady Rain with Womb (15 Minutes)

Lull your fussy baby to sleep with the gentle rhythm of a falling rain combined with relaxing womb sounds...

Womb Sounds (15 Minutes)

Simulate the most comfortable environment your baby knows with the soothing womb sounds album...

Recent Reviews

Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

OMG! I can’t believe how well this album has helped my baby and I sleep better. I am telling everyone I know about this album, and even perfect strangers because it has been such a breakthrough for us.

The Baby Sleep Sampler helped me learn what sounds help my baby sleep the best.  I highly recommend it for any new parent.

Thank you Pediasleep!!!

By Alice on May 22, 2012
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   43211     Satisfaction:   54321

This album is unbelievably good! Without a doubt my baby sleeps longer and better when it is playing and then when I do not play it.

The only reason I didn’t give it five stars at effectiveness is that sometimes (maybe once every month or two) my baby still has a hard time falling asleep even with it playing.

Still, this album has helped me find out which white noise tracks help my baby sleep better and it has given all of us in my house many many hours of sleep that we wouldn’t have had without the album.

All in all I am a very satisfied customer and this album is a five star album!!!

By Kitty on September 29, 2011
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

This is really a great product.  I bought the MP3 download and it was easy, fast, and simple to get it on my iPod.  I love having all 10 sounds available at my fingertips when I need to soothe my baby.

Also, I am so glad I bought this album first.  I used this album as a way to figure out what sounds my baby was most soothed by.  When I discovered that she slept best when listening to the clothes dryer album (who would have guessed!?), I bought the full length clothes dryer mp3 and it is always playing when she sleeps.

It’s wonderful having such an easy way to help my daughter sleep so well.  It’s fast, easy, and totally safe.  Thanks for making such a helpful product for us tired parents!

By jessica on April 16, 2011
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

If you are looking for an easy way to help your baby sleep better, then look no further. I bought this CD when my baby wasn’t sleeping and with in a couple of days he was sleeping much better. I also learned what sounds help him sleep better consistently and have bought those to play all night long. This is the best money you will spend on your baby ever, I promise!

By Holly on October 23, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

This album helps my baby sleep great!  Thank you!!!

By Janelle on October 07, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

I almost can’t believe how helpful this album has been to me and my baby! I got this album as a gift before my baby was born and kind of forgot about it until my baby started having sleep problems.

It was late one sleepless night when I pulled it out and give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised when after listening to one of the tracks for 10 minutes, my baby fell right asleep.

Since then, I have experimented with some of the different tracks and have found a few which consistently help my baby sleep very well so I ordered those tracks as full-length 12 hour albums and I love being able to play those all night long while my baby sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps….

By Rachel on September 07, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

My best friend told me about Pediasleep and how much the sounds helped her kids sleep.  She was so positive about the Pediasleep sounds that I took my Baby Sleep Sample CD with me to the hospital.  My baby has been a Pediasleep baby since day one!  This is a must-have product for every new parent.

By Pat on August 25, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

Fantastic way to get my baby to sleep. I learned so much about what suits my baby from this album and we are all sleeping so much better than before we bought it. Thanks for making such a great product!

By Ravi on August 20, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

This is really a great album. Thanks so much. My baby and I are so happy.

By Mary on June 28, 2010

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