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Pediasleep has delivered over 100,000 soothing sounds to families around the world.
Our white noise has helped countless parents and babies sleep better.

Electric Fan Album

Something about the gentle hum of an electric fan is soothing for any baby.  Help your little one relax and sleep with this comforting and familiar soundscape.

What our customers have to say...

“After my baby was born, I started running a real fan in her nursery all night long because it helped her sleep.  However, I was worried that she might get too cold, so I switched to the Electric Fan CD.  She never knew the difference... It helps her sleep so well!”

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If you are comfortable downloading MP3s... Buy the MP3 Download.

All MP3 Downloads are delivered IMMEDIATELY by email the very instant that we receive your payment. It doesn't matter whether it's 2:00 am, or noon, our delivery process is automated to ensure that you receive your download link instantly. 

Once you have your MP3 files, you are free to play them from your home computer, burn them to CD, or import them into your favorite MP3 player or iPod/iPhone.

The whole process is so fast that you can purchase your favorite soothing sounds one moment, download them the next, and within 10 minutes or less you can be using them to calm and soothe your baby.

If you prefer Audio CDs... Buy the Audio CD.

Audio CDs are professionally produced in a state-of-the-art production facility to ensure that you are getting the best quality CD possible. Our CDs ship in an eco-friendly CD wallet with full-color album art and helpful instructions.  Besides buying them for your own use, our CDs make attractive baby-shower or new-parent gifts. In fact, many of our customers buy multiple copies of our CDs because they make such useful and unique gifts!

We understand how important it is that you receive your CDs quickly, so we ship all CD orders within 24 hours of your purchase, with over 80% of orders being shipped on the very same day.

If you are not sure which sound will be best for your baby... Buy a bundle.

The best way to learn which sounds are most effective for you or your baby is to try as many as possible. Our multi-sound bundles are a great way to try lots of sounds without spending a lot of money buying them all individually.

After trying different sounds in these bundles, you are sure to quickly find one or two that work best for you. And because these bundles are such a great value, you'll have saved a lot of money in the process.


Recent Reviews

Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

After my baby was born, I started running a real fan in her nursery all night long because it helped her sleep.  However, I was worried that she might get too cold, so I switched to the Electric Fan CD.  She never knew the difference.  My husband and I could hardly believe it. It was like we were using a real electric fan in her room and she was sleeping better than ever before.

So thanks to this everybody wins. My baby sleeps better. We spend less money on electricity. My baby doesn’t get cold at night. And we all sleep better.

Thank you for making this album - It helps her sleep so well!

By Jennifer on March 19, 2012
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

I found this album late one night when the electric fan that we have been running in my daughters nursery ever since she was born broke. She was used to the sound so we needed something fast to help her sleep. Lucky for us we downloaded the sounds with in minutes and put them on the MP3 player and were able to play them for her that night. She didn’t know the difference and we have been using this album ever since. It helps her sleep so well.  Thank you!

By Yuki on May 01, 2011
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   54321     Satisfaction:   54321

OMG!  I luv the electric fan album!!!  Before I bought this, I was running a real fan in my baby’s room all night long and it started to get really cold in there.  But my baby will only sleep with the sound of the fan going, so I had to do something.  I didn’t want my baby to freeze!  lol…

When I found the electric fan album you are selling, I wondered if it would really work.  It does!!  My baby never knew the difference between the album and the real thing!  And now he can sleep all night, without freezing from the real fan running.

By sarah on November 05, 2010
Quality:   54321     Effectiveness:   43211     Satisfaction:   54321

This is simply a miracle sleep cure for babies!  My baby never slept longer than one or two hours before about this album. But, after I bought the album my baby started sleeping three hours, then four hours,  then five hours, and finally most of the night without ever waking up. I can’t thank you enough!  This is easily the best thing I’ve ever bought for my baby.

By Jordyn on September 09, 2010

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