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Pediasleep has delivered over 100,000 soothing sounds to families around the world.
Our white noise has helped countless parents and babies sleep better.

Sleep Success Stories From Our Wonderful Customers

When it comes to describing Pediasleep, our customers say it best.  We know that our soothing sounds help babies and tired parents sleep because we hear the "sleep success stories" from our customers all the time.  But as much as we like to "toot our own horn" it's the words of our customers that best describe who we are as a company, and how helpful Pediasleep soothing sounds are.

All of the sleep success stories below are 100% real testimonials from our customers.  We're proud of them and hope you take a minute to read through a few.  And, if you are already a customer, please take a minute to share your own sleep success story!

Track #1 (Clothes Dryer) is the greatest! I actually managed to take a bubble bath today!!!
- Amber
Your clothes dryer sound is awesome to soothe my 3-month old son! Thanks for an awesome product!
- Daniel
Pediasleep is AWESOME! Your soothing sounds are easily the best money I've spent on my baby. My 2 month old LOVES IT! I put it on repeat and let my baby sleep, sleep, sleep...
- DeAnna
Your white noise is great. Your communication and customer service is fantastic. I would most certainly deal with you again!!!!
- Nicole
Our little girl had her 2 month immunizations yesterday and was quite unsettled, but the continuous sound of the tumble dryer worked a treat! I also just put her in her cot ten minutes ago, and she put herself to sleep!!! It doesn’t happen every day, so I want to say thank you for a great product, so much better for the environment and cheaper than running the dryer every time it is time to nap! Thank you!
- Emile and Baby Jade
Your sounds are such a great buy!! I'm so happy to have a easier way to stop my baby from crying.
- Katrina
This is awesome! I can't believe it really works!!! Thanks!!!
- Maria

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